ADAM Audio A7V 7-inch Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

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7 inch, 130 watt
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ADAM Audio A7V 7-inch Powered Studio Monitor

Sells separately for $799.99 each

The Adam Audio A7V is the next evolution of the award-winning A7X. This 2-way monitor is a stellar choice for project studios, smaller control rooms, and anyone who needs superior audio quality at an outstanding price. It comes with a newly-designed 7-inch woofer and Adam Audio’s game-changing X-ART ribbon tweeter. Together, the bi-amped drivers treat listeners to clean and consistent audio from 41Hz to 42kHz. Better still, this monitor is equipped with DSP-based tuning to fine-tune its response to match your room. The A7V’s vertical orientation offers the imaging characteristics you’re used to and a sweet spot tailored for nearfield monitoring. Get yours now from Sweetwater and experience them for yourself!