The following are provided as a more “plain English” guide for the use of this website. They are provided as a supplement to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Use of this website implies that you have read, understand and agree to abide by all Policies, Terms & Conditions and Rules.

1. The Golden's how we roll here.

Be kind…you’re among friends.

2. It’s all about sharing the best VoiceOver content.

Please share your knowledge, experiences, content and questions related ONLY to VO. Please do not post content, links, graphics, media, etc. not directly related to VO, or of substantial benefit to VO talent.

3. The main Feed/Stream and Lounges aren’t classified ad/portfolio repositories

Por favor, no self promotion or posting of work samples in the main feed or Lounges of this site.  Also, no promotion of coaching/workshops, casting notices or links to casting sites. Please contact the Admin to request a waiver to this rule.  

The Classifieds, Community Calendar, Casting Call and Talent Showcase sections are provided for the benefit of promoting services, offerings and events.  

Additionally, advertising opportunities are available to those wishing to spread the word about their services and or products (Advertising contact link is in the footer of this site)

4. Be like Indiana some digging around!

Please do not post basic and general questions like “how do I get into voiceover?”  Use the “Search” box and hashtag search options first before posting, as most of these questions have been addressed previously.  However, if you can’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to enhance and expand the knowledge base of the site with your inquiry.

5. Messaging is not a marketing tool.

If you are hitting up members of this site with the purpose of marketing (in any form) then you will be 86’d from this site. However, if a member messaged you with an inquiry, then message away.

6. (Non-toxic) Humor is celebrated here:

If you have the gift of funny, you damn well better bring it!

7. Cut loose, have fun share with a smile, man!

Henceforth, anytime you want to share this sentiment, or otherwise elicit a smile, you can simply reply with “Rule #7, man!” It will show that you are truly an “insider”, a pro and a proper mensch.

8. Language / Idioma / Langue / Linguaggio / Sprache / שפה / भाषा: हिन्दी / لغة / زبان / ਭਾਸ਼ਾ / язык / 言語 / 语言 / 언어 / ภาษา / ngôn ngữ

We love the fact that this site is of service to voiceover professionals from around the world.  However, this is a predominantly English speaking website. Accordingly, all areas of this site are reserved only for communicating in English.  

Given that we have folks from all over the world here, there are “Lounges” designated for many international cities and locales.  In each of these Lounges, you are welcome (and encouraged) to communicate in the native tongue of the city or locale each respective Lounge services.  You are also welcome to post events in the Community Calendar in your native tongue.

If you cannot find a Lounge for your particular locale, then please contact the Admin.  We are happy to establish a Lounge just for you and those in your region.