AI: An Opinion

AI: An Opinion

AI, Voiceover, and a Movement to #HireHuman

Consumers today are witnessing a significant shift in the world of voice technology. AI-generated voices are making their way into our daily lives, seamlessly blending with human voices to the point where distinguishing between the two becomes a challenge. From virtual assistants and customer service systems to audiobooks and media content, AI voices are becoming increasingly prevalent.

The realm of consumer advertising is no exception. In fact, AI-generated voices are already making waves in advertising campaigns, and this trend is set to soar even higher. As much as it pains me to admit, there are undeniable advantages to using AI voices in advertising. They can be tailored to match specific brand identities, ensuring consistent messaging that resonates with audiences. Not to mention, they offer a cost-effective solution for creating compelling audio content.

One of the remarkable benefits of AI voices lies in their adaptability to different markets and languages.  With ease, they can be localized and tailored to suit diverse audiences, making them an invaluable tool for global advertising campaigns.

Don’t just take my word for it. Spectrum Reach and Waymark have introduced an AI-generated platform that produces high-quality TV commercials with voice-over capabilities in a matter of minutes. Their success speaks for itself, and companies like Waymark are thriving in this emerging landscape.

While it’s tempting to dismiss AI voices as a passing fad, I believe it would be a mistake for us, as a collective of human voiceover artists, to bury our heads in the sand. Instead, let’s embrace a different approach: #HireHuman. It’s a movement that blends direct and subliminal persuasion, reminding companies of the unique power and irreplaceable qualities that human voices bring to the advertising world.  Let’s celebrate our craft, our artistry, and the emotional connection that only human voices can create.

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@peepso_user_2582(Gunnar Qualen)
"Adam" voice from elevenlabs is everywhere. TV, video games, reels, I hear him all the time.

I'd say Alexa, Siri and Adam are the first popular AI recognizable voices.

1 week ago