Episode #6 – “Contracts & Getting Paid”

In voiceover, the aspect of “contracts/agreements” and “getting paid” are often discussed as part of the same conversation.  If you’re not working under a SAG/AFTRA contact and/or have an agent working out the particulars of the “deal”, then you will be responsible for making sure the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed after you book the gig.  This can be confusing for anyone new to voiceover, as well as some working talent. In this episode, I will give you some general notes on contracts, as well as some info on how to make the payment process a bit easier. This info is NOT intended to be legal advice…but notes for you to bring to an attorney.   I highly recommend you invest in a few hours with an attorney, so as to get you some quality and enforceable contract templates to use in each area of voiceover in which you work. This episode will help you get the ball rolling and thinking about how to better organize this aspect of your voiceover business.

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