Episode #7 – “The Voice Actor Prepares”

Next to training with a voiceover coach, getting quality acting training can greatly elevate a VO talent’s delivery.  Learning how to tap into emotion can help to take a simple “read” and turn it into an authentic and real interpretation of a moment.  These are essential skills for capturing and holding the viewer/listeners attention. Voice talent are storytellers. To truly pull someone into a story, you need to reach them emotionally.  Without emotion, the viewer or listener can’t truly become passionate about the story or the message.  

For established actors, making the transition into voiceover isn’t as simple as grabbing a microphone and implementing their acting training.  Voiceover is its own craft. Actors need to learn and appreciate the nuances of what separates being on camera from being on a microphone. As voice talent, we rely solely on voice as a means of pulling someone into a story.  We don’t have the benefit of body language, facial expression or other actors (except in specific occasions, such as animation). That means that you will be applying your familiar skillset in a new way. So, stop on by the “Cabana” this week, as we dive into “A Voice Actor Prepares”. 

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