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Recently listed in Listen Notes top 5% of podcasts globally, and named in Welp magazines list of the 20 top Audio Podcasts, the Pro Audio Suite is a podcast that covers everything to do with voiceovers and audio production. We feature interviews with key players from within the industry including studio engineers in music and post-production, manufacturers of gear, plugin designers, in fact, all aspects of audio and production. 

The Pro Audio Suite is different to most other podcasts. With the highest of production values, unique sound, and produced like you were listening to a real radio show. 

The Pro Audio Suite will not only bring you interviews with some of the leading lights of our industry but also tips, techniques and tools to hopefully make your work life more productive and creative. Most importantly we understand you don’t want long-winded, half-assed production values, so we keep it as short, sharp and value-packed as possible. 

The Pro Audio Suite