Stedman Corporation 6-inch Desktop Pop Filter

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Broadcasting a voice or getting the best out of recording one can be tricky. However, eliminating plosives is an ideal way to instantly up your project’s professional quality. That’s why Sweetwater is happy to offer this innovative pop filter from Stedman Corporation. Unlike previous pop filters, the DT101 Desktop filter is the world’s first free-standing pop filter designed for use without needing a mic stand or a boom arm. The 1/4-inch-thick weighted steel base features dense foam footing, ensuring your surfaces are safe and your pop filter stays in place. A 13-inch gooseneck connects the base to the Proscreen filter, which is designed to subdue popping “Ps” and “Bs” without sacrificing critical vocal detail that would be dampened by a fabric filter.

Stedman Corporation 6-inch Desktop Pop Filter Features:

  • Weighted 1/4-inch steel base means easy use without additional hardware or equipment
  • 13-inch gooseneck allows for flexible arrangements across a 16-inch radius from the base
  • Patented Proscreen filter material eliminates plosives more effectively than fabric filters, ensuring high-quality preservation of vocal textures and details
  • Screen is washable with dish soap and hot water, making it simple to clean between use
  • Handbuilt in the USA
  • Comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty