Legally Blind Voice Actor – Pete Gustin REFUSES To Take NO For an Answer

Episode 330 Part 1of 2 – Chuck and Stacey welcome legally blind voice actor, Pete Gustin.
From Super Bowl ads to Network TV Promos to some of the most recognizable radio imaging campaigns in the country. Pete Gustin is also the signature voice of the Fox News Channel. The BIG questions are… How can a legally blind man be so successful in voice-over?

Pete was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration at age 8. Despite the prognosis of this blinding disease, Pete has gone on to become not just a voice over artist, but also a novelist, a stand-up comic, the lead singer of a band, a cartoonist, a champion sailor and swimmer, and a surfer.

Behind this incredible voice and passionate human being is an inspiring story that will leave you speechless. You DO NOT want to miss a second of this 2 part episode with our amazing friend, Pete Gustin.



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