Demystifying The Casting Process w/Liz Atherton

Demystifying The Casting Process w/Liz Atherton DecemberDec 02 2023 12:00pm - 03:00pm America/ChicagoOnline Event
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VO Business Series Workshop
Demystifying The Casting Process w/Liz Atherton

Working voiceover talent spend a substantial amount of their time navigating the casting process.  It’s the step between our marketing efforts and being booked for a gig.  However, the process can be a bit mystifying to many newer talent.  Even established talent have had to learn to adapt to evolving trends…many of which have been driven by technology.  

Whether working voiceover talent seek work through relationship marketing, agents, pay-to-play, etc. (or some combination thereof), they must understand the nuances and workflow of each genre and path to the clients and gigs.  This helps you to be more efficient with your time.  It also helps you be better at delivering on expectations.

All of this can be a lot to digest, so it’s valuable to have someone at the ready to help unravel the mystery and nuances of the casting process.  Our guest instructor, Liz Atherton, has been in the voiceover ecosystem as a VO agent, casting director and entrepreneur.  She’s even the head honcho at CastVoices.  

Given her pedigree of being on all sides of the casting process, her knowledge and insight are priceless.  This workshop offers up valuable guidance to maximize your time and deliver on expectations.  We’re covering a lot of ground on a variety of contemporary topics, such as:

  • The mind of the casting director | Choices that make all the difference
  • The mind of the talent agent | How to forge a mutually beneficial relationship
  • The casting workflow | Understanding the decision making process
  • Online casting | Choosing quality platform(s) and companies
  • Online casting | Self-service VO marketing - the process
  • Making choices | Choosing the “right” auditions
  • How to not waste time in the casting process
  • Where things are going | How to adapt to changing casting workflows

Join us for this insightful workshop with Liz.  This is a great resource to help you learn to be more efficient and effective with your time and money…as well as book more quality work.  If you’re ready to raise the level of your game and evolve your portfolio of opportunities and work, then join in, as Liz Atherton Demystifies The Casting Process!  

Ticket: $75 per person

**All attendees will also receive free admission to one of Marc Preston's weekly VO Workouts ($37 value)!

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