Universal Audio Apollo for Voiceover Series | Course Bundle

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About Bundle

This bundle includes the following:

Universal Audio Apollo | Universal Audio Apollo for VO

Unlock the true potential of the Apollo in your voiceover studio!

There’s a LOT more going on “under the hood” than your typical audio interface.

During this 2 hours webinar by George Whittam, you’ll see and hear the Apollo setup for optimal productivity in an actor’s studio.

The webinar is recorded for playback later if you cannot attend live.

The focus will be on the Apollo Twin, but most of what we cover is relevant to the more limited Apollo Solo and the more sophisticated Apollo rack-based hardware.


  • Comparing Apollo hardware systems
  • Installing the Apollo hardware and console software
  • Hardware orientation
  • Console orientation
  • Console settings
  • Adding and managing plugins
  • Signal routing for recording from 2 different mics
  • Controlling monitoring
  • Sending playback to the client
  • Using with web browsers
  • Using with Zoom (and all of its quirks)
  • Using with Source Connect
  • Participant submitted topics
  • 30 mins of Q&A

Universal Audio Apollo |  Universal Audio Apollo, Advanced Techniques 2023

Have been wondering what techniques you’re missing out on that would save you time, improve your finished production, and MAKE MORE MONEY??

George will share you the latest tools and techniques that can revolutionize your workflow and make you more productive in the studio than ever before! 

Products to be covered in this don’t miss event include:

  • Comparing Apollo hardware systems- Apollo Solo’s Virtual Channel weakness
  • What’s new the latest UAD software?
  • Console optimization
  • Console settings
  • Forcing playback and system sound into Virtual Channels
  • The best I/O Matrix for VO broadcast
  • The best I/O Matrix for Podcasters
  • UAD plugins worth a demo
  • Signal routing for recording from 2 different mics and Zoom playback
  • Setting up Zoom correctly, once and for all! (Zoom 5.15)
  • Chrome madness!! 
  • Controlling headphone mixes
  • Taming monitors for zero feedback
  • A headphone monitor chain to enhance your promo/trailer/radio performance
  • 30 mins of Q&A
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