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About Bundle

This course bundle includes the following courses:

TwistedWave for Mac 2021, The Basics and What’s NEW!

George hasn’t created a TwistedWave webinar or tutorial in years. Finally, it’s time to get up to speed with TwistedWave in 2021.

While much hasn’t changed about the look and interface (one of the many beauties of TW), there are MANY killer features that have surfaced in the last few years that we’ll cover, along with the “getting started” basics.

This webinar is intended for any voice actor who would like to start using TwistedWave with little to no experience with any recording software. George will cover topics specific to the needs of voice actors or anyone recording spoken work. This webinar does not cover multi*track recording production techniques for music, podcasts or video post.


Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher (not for iOS)

Audio interface

Microphone (or USB mic)



*Introduction to TwistedWave

*Getting a demo or purchasing TwistedWave

*New Features

*Using TwistedWave in “Rosetta mode” on Mac M1

*Configuring your audio hardware

*Other helpful settings in the Preferences section

*Learning the user interface

*Customizing the button bar

*Handy keyboard shortcuts and how to make them

*Recording settings

*Recording audio and setting levels with the meter

*Basic editing tools

*Special Paste with room tone, editor’s secret weapon

*Effects Stacks, a primer

*File formats for saving, MP3 settings

*up to 30 mins of Q n A

TwistedWave Advanced Guide to VO Recording

Learn the more advanced tools available in TwistedWave! 

While not much has changed about the user interface in many years (one of the many beauties of TwistedWave), there are quite a few features that have surfaced in the last few years that we’ll cover.

George will discuss topics specific to the needs of voice actors or anyone recording spoken work.

TwistedWave for Audiobooks

Optimize your audiobook narration and production workflow with George Whittam!

Audiobook narration can be arduous, with long days in the booth, and even longer days editing. Add to that sometimes tight deadlines for publishers and it can be daunting to keep up!

George Whittam has methods to record, edit, proof, and master an audiobook recording that will maximize your productivity, and minimize errors and audio flaws.

In this crazy time-shifted world, if you can’t make it live, don’t worry! The entire presentation will be available for review or rental afterward.


* Mic technique

* Organizing files and folders

* Setting the best recording levels (then forget it!)

* Recording techniques: Straight record, clicker, Punch and Roll and Punch-in Insert

* Using Stacks

* Analyzing audio

* Working with a proofer

* Batch processing with Stacks, automating mastering

* Voice to Text to assist proofing

* Adding plugins clean up mouth noise

* Mastering to publisher specs

* Q&A

TwistedWave Dynamics

Dig in to dynamics with George Whittam!

He takes you through use and examples of the array of dynamics plugins included with TwistedWave.

Learn how to use compressors, downward expanders, and limiters to your maximum benefit.

Plugins covered include:

  • AUDynamics
  • AUPeakLimiter

TwistedWave Equalizers

Get the rundown on how to use specific processing tools in your software, starting with how to use the equalizers, the tone controls, and the EQ settings for TwistedWave for Mac OS. We’ll go through the effects menu and go over the plugins that are included when you buy a Mac.

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