Who cares if you have ten thousand followers?

In the words and spirit of Alec Baldwin from Glengary Glen Ross. . . 

”I’m here on a mission of mercy.” 

The good news is. . .Your thousands of followers don’t mean squat. 

The bad news is. . .You have 24 hours to BEGIN to make them significant. 

So many of you THINK that success on social media is based upon the total number of followers you have.

And while a large footprint on Pick-A-Platform.com certainly doesn’t hurt. . .

There is ZERO guarantee that it is a help.

I see so many voice talent in social media land who have MASSIVE amounts of followers. . .

I’m talking like five thousand followers. . .

Seven thousand followers. . .


But then when I start combing through those profiles and feeds, I can see the real story:

TEN THOUSAND FOLLOWERS and 3 posts in the last 6 weeks.

TEN THOUSAND FOLLOWERS and 1-2 likes on each post. . .and those likes are by people that are either peers or family members.

TEN THOUSAND FOLLOWERS and zero comments.

TEN THOUSAND FOLLOWERS and single-digit views on a post.

If you’re not getting ENGAGEMENT with your FOLLOWERS, you don’t really have “FOLLOWERS.” 

You just have a list of names.

Social media is supposed to be SOCIAL!  Imagine if you went to a networking function at a fancy hotel that had 5,000 attendees. . .and you didn’t talk to any of them.  That’s what a huge collection of followers minus consistent engagement equals.

If you want your social media efforts to start to bear fruit for your brand. . .you need to interact with your connections frequently and over a sustained period of time, and you need to understand how to routinely contribute compelling branded content.

The interaction and the compelling content are what drive the metrics that matter:


When you start to accumulate thousands of VIEWS each week, then your message is resonating and your brand is becoming more top of mind.  Think of it like Nielsen ratings for TV. . .or Arbitron data for time spent listening on the radio.

I know talent that have less than ONE THOUSAND followers, but they get hundreds of views each week because they have seen that the interaction and content day after day, week after week, and month after month (over many months) has an impact.  They are ever-present.  Everywhere their followers turn, they bump into a video, a pic, an article, or a comment.

The bottom line is that you can’t simply collect followers like baseball cards and just put them in a box on a shelf and expect to create value. 

You have to BRING the value.

INVEST the time with your followers.

Get to KNOW them.


Work the “room” at these on-line networking events.

It is possible to create attention to yourself and your service without directly asking for business. . .and to turn those FOLLOWERS into an engaged and loyal FOLLOWING.


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