Wes Stevens – Powerhouse Voice Over Agent at VOX Talent Agency in L.A.

Episode 332 Part 1 of 2. Chuck & Stacey welcome the CEO and founder of VOX Talent Agency in Los Angeles, Wes Stevens. Wes has been working in the entertainment and media industry for over 24 years as an entrepreneur and professional advocate for performers and brands.

Wes is a powerhouse agent in the areas of voice-over, advertising, celebrity endorsements, gaming, animation, social media, and content development. His focus these days is on the shifts in what defines ‘engagement’ and ‘relevance’ in entertainment and media. He’s an expert on how to measure it, create it and leverage it. So much great info here!

Wes Stevens brings a very cool and unique perspective on becoming a successful voice actor it today’s voice-over industry so make sure you don’t miss one second of his 2 part interview on VO Buzz Weekly!



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