VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – TECH-TALK #58

VOBS TECH-TALK #58! As we all start to step out of our isolation, we know the Voice Over biz will pick up even more. To keep you up to date, “The Guys” at VOBS are here to make your recording studio sound it’s best! We cover a ton of stuff this week, including: Mac hardware at WWDC? New Mac OS: Monterey. Coolest thing we’ve ever seen? System updates, best practices. USB mics are bad, but not the reason you might think Plus our in depth discussion about Why would things sound different, over time and with different mics? Also answers to your questions: Acoustic Foam- Wedge/pyramidal or flat panels? Audio processing for video games? Plosive reducing microphones? Mic Figure 8 pattern? And so much more!


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