VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – TECH-TALK #56

A Perfectly Good Reason To Spend A Perfectly Good Hour! It’s amazing that there’s more to talk about when it comes to home VO Studios! But “The Guys” have their thumbs on everything VO Tech and bring it to you every other week! It’s time for an amazing and VERY entertaining and informative TECH-TALK #56! And this week we cover a ton! * Apple Silicon update * iMac M1 is it time to buy?  * NO! on SM7b for voice actors? * Why most acoustic foam sucks for voiceover booths. * New acoustic panels from from StudioBricks * RodeConnect for Rode NT-USB Mini mic * What’s with Adobe Audition and glitches lately? Our Discussion on:  Why do some talents invest in so much more than they need? Plus your questions on: Polk Audio speakers from college as a monitor? Noise floor issues disintegrating audio with Zoom Pro Tools on the M1?


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