VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #43

Voice Over Body Shop Is Here For YOU!

Dan Lenard and George Whittam pride themselves at making the complex, simple, and on this weeks Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #43 “The Guys” let loose on a pile of great, relevant information to make your home voice over studio sound What Its Supposed To Sound Like (WISTSL) Like: The “new hotness” of audio interfaces: SSL2 Why to still avoid Apollo on Windows A use case for smart LED bulbs. The “ultimate” Internet router? RT2600ac? Can Zoom “Music Mode” be a great way to go remote? And, an important discussion about RX8 and other “Fixing” programs. Plus Your questions on Thunderbolt inputs, Upgrading from a USB mic, proper mic position and can a Good ol Apogee ONE work with Catalina?


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