VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – TECH-TALK #42

Dan And George Suit Up For Another Exploration into VO Tech!

At Voice Over Body Shop, we pride ourselves on being way ahead of the curve on webcasting and podcasting. For almost 10 years, Dan Lenard and George Whitttam have brought you the latest information on the equipment, software, techniques and skills you MUST have to successfully record your voice over tracks from your personal home studio. And, we answer your questions!

This week on our brand spanking new TECH-TALK #42, The “Guys” look at: Considerations to deal with when you move. Coping withThe realities of apartment living (aircraft, lawn keepers, HVAC). An update on a TwistedWave 24.1 bug fix, along with a cool “did ya know” iOS/Mac/QT trick and a discussion about “G.A.S.” Gear Aquisition Syndrome.

Plus we answer your questions on: Virtual mixers, Sample rate standards, high pass filters, acoustics and much more!


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