VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #40

The Doctors Of Digital VO Audio Are On Call!

Its amazing how many things can go wrong with your home VO studio, if, if you don’t understand “the basics.” The “GUYS,” Dan Lenard and George Whittam, have more experience than ANYONE on the planet when it comes to this unique subject. Listen in this week on a very informative VOBS TECH-TALK #40 as they talk about: NEW GEAR on the horizon (or now): From Universal Audio,like the Apollo SOLO, Aston Microphones and PreSonus. Also, Mic Color options from Audio-Technica & Manley. Designing a studio by hearing/experience or measurements? A remote-controlled mic preamp. Also a Discussion on: Do you own a voiceover production studio?

Plus YOUR questions on: Which Mic for which space? Mic technique for which space? “Pop” screens, and unreasonable gear requests from clients.


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