VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #39

The Voice Over Community is just that. It’s sort of its own medium to small town in a county and world of many different walks of life. And ours is special because of our intense common interest in making voice over a highly respected profession.

So, Every week, Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring us all together to be informed about our marvelous business. Every other week it’s TECH-TALK, where we dispel the myths and show you the best practices to technically get your VO audio sounding “What Its Supposed To Sound Like.”

And on this week’s VOBS TECH-TALK #39, we cover even more important topics to help us all meet that end. We discuss: Extending analog vs. USB or Thunderbolt cables, Mic Port Pro for Gaming VO? Mic Preferences from Producers and engineers, Updating Catalina, and George’s gripe on the 2i2’s 48V button.

Plus your questions on: SPEACHALO, Acoustic panels for your noise floor? Real time audio backup. Sanitizing your booth, iPad recording and much more!,


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