VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #38!

VO Tech Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth From “THE GUYS” That Know!

On this weeks Non-Misinformation jammed Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #38, Dan and George explore best practices and equipment to make the best of your VO recording!

We cover: “Mud Flap” REFLECTION FILTERS!!! Are They USELESS? Zoom audio quality Adobe Audition latest update issues? Problem solving mics for “marginal” home studios Techniques for recording video game characters. Want to use a Wireless mouse? Dan and George debate Mic placement in small booths, And a discussion on “recording software. Complex or simple?” Plus YOUR questions on: Bundled Interface and mic packages Ribbon mics for VO recording? Recording input levels. CleanFeed? And someone’s Noise floor issues


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