VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #35

Establishing the Standards of “What Its Supposed to Sound Like! (WISTSL)”

It’s a big responsibility these days being THE experts on Home Voice Over Studios! However, Dan and George love it! It’s their passion, their profession and their mission.

In this week’s TECH-TALK #35, “The Guys” advise and consent on these topics:

Levelator… the “black box” audio processor. What is it? Is it all you need for ACX mastering? Audacity headaches, fair warning, free software costs ya in other ways

New Gear:

Luna from Universal Audio, should you use it?

A commercially available Hackintosh?!

A thorough discussion “POP” screens.

PLUS, your questions on Bit Rates, Powerline Ethernet adapters, Acoustics, and setting levels for Talking and shouting!


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