If You’re Not Ready, You’re Outta Business!

With every voice talent needing home studio in the age of Covid-19, Dan and George have been very busy mopping up after a lot of bad advice. Your home VO studio is a very unique place and only “The Guys” at Voice Over Body Shop have the knowledge and experience to help you get it right, right off the bat.

In this weeks info , jam packed, VOBS TECH-TALK #33, we get down with great topics like:

Touchscreen monitors for mac?
Gain control issues on the Audient ID4/14/22
Is Source Connect really being used? Get the demo, and be ready
A discussion on Defining “Broadcast quality”
Plus your questions on how to determine the difference between boomy, bright and muddy, mics.
How to set proper gain levels!
Recording on a computer vs an iPad?
and Materials for a “Window Plug”

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