VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – Ep

VO Tech The Way It Was Meant To Be! Simple, understandable and Entertaining. Stuff that’s ..you know…just between us.. It’s an amazing VOBS TECH-TALK #55 This week, in George’s Tech Update: His new favorite mic boom: Gator Frameworks 3000. His new favorite webcam, the Mokose UV70, 4K USB 3 with manual focus, zoom and iris. Bertom Denoiser: Not you usual noise reduction plugin. An Apple Silicon computer UPDATE and warnings! Is it PRIME TIME YET?? WE also have an intense discussion on: Dynamic Mics- Why or Why not? Plus your questions on: Moving from Audacity to Adobe Audition, Acoustic panels, Source Connect Router settings, Headphones, Setting Monitor levels, sample rates and a ton more! This is why you join us week after week for more than 10 glorious years!


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