VOBS – Voice Over Body Shop – Ep 197 With Joe Cipriano

Some Wild VO Stories to start 2021 with Joe Cipriano This weeks VOBS is great talk with our good friend Joe Cipriano! VO booth disasters and triumphs! Succeeding in Promo, Imaging, voice work in general, and just fun stuff! Hear from one of the successful masters! Joe Cipriano is best known as the promo voice of literally hundreds upon hundreds of television shows on America’s most watched networks. Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CW and many more. In syndication, Joe voices promos for shows like The Simpsons, and studios such as Warner Brothers, Buena Vista, King World, Lionsgate, Freemantle and more. He’s the promo voice of daily shows such as Harry Connick Jr., The Talk, Queen Latifah and others. With a resume like that, you know he has the knowledge of what it takes to reach the top levels of the voice over biz.


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