VOBS Live with J.S. Gilbert & Tech Talk

Voice Over Body Shop brings you more fresh content with a deep dish discussion with the one and only J.S. Gilbert! J.S. is a writer, ad creative, and voice actor, who knows more about social media than most Gurus – He’s not an influencer, it’s just that the influencers listen to HIM. Aside from his noted commercial work, he’s played the iconic role of “Sweetooth” in the video game “Twisted Metal” and a ton of other creepy roles in other noted games. Brilliant, Quick-witted, and opinionated, we’ll talk about who you need to listen to when making social media decisions. And you can ask J.S. your questions too! Send them now to theguys@vobs.tv or ask LIVE from our Facebook Live comments! PLUS listen in and ask your questions LIVE on your iOS device as we simulcast on CLUBHOUSE as well!


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