Universal Audio Apollo 12v 7A Power Supply

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Universal Audio Apollo 12v 7A Power Supply


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Whether your power supply came up missing or you just need a backup PS for your Apollo 8/8P or Apollo 16/16MKII, the Universal Audio Apollo Power Supply has just what you need to power your audio interface wherever you take it. This DC power adapter and integrated cable/connector connects to a standard IEC power cable (not included) to supply 12V DC power to your Apollo audio interface.

Universal Audio Apollo 8/8P/16/16MKII Power Supply Features:

  • DC power adapter supplies the correct voltage and amperage for your Apollo 8/8P/16/16MKII
  • Genuine Universal Audio OEM PS works seamlessly with your Apollo audio interference
  • Connects to standard IEC cable (not included)

Product Category Accessories,Interfaces
Brand Universal Audio
SKU: UAPwr1140507
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