Neumann KH 150 6.5-inch 2-way Powered Studio Monitor – Anthracite

Neumann KH 150 6.5-inch 2-way Powered Studio Monitor - Anthracite-image

Neumann KH 150 6.5-inch 2-way Powered Studio Monitor - Anthracite


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The Neumann KH 150 is a bi-amplified studio monitor with reference-grade performance that belies its compact size. This makes it ideal for both nearfield and midfield deployment in small-to-mid-sized control rooms. Neumann’s new 6.5-inch woofer, the result of over three years of intensive research and development, is integrated into a meticulously engineered 20-liter bass reflex cabinet, allowing this state-of-the-art monitor to achieve impressively deep and tight bass response down to 39Hz and a maximum SPL of 118dB; meanwhile, a specially designed 1-inch tweeter serves up crystalline clarity extending up to 21kHz. Powered, respectively, by 145 watts and 100 watts of energy-efficient Class D bi-amplification and assisted by Neumann’s Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, these drivers deliver unerring accuracy over a broad sweet spot, while minimizing desk reflections.

A crowning technical achievement

DSP-driven electronics allow for the advanced features that modern digital signal processing has to offer, such as ensuring phase linearity for rock-solid imaging and facilitating room-adaptive calibration using Neumann’s cutting-edge MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment system. Whether you use the KH 150 in a stereo pair or combined with other KH series speakers for immersive surround monitoring, what you hear is what you get. The KH 150 benefits from the same design philosophy as do all Neumann studio monitors: ruler-flat linearity, vanishingly low distortion, no coloration, and smooth integration into any acoustical environment. It gives you what you want — and need — from your monitors: the ability to hear every minute detail of your recordings. This allows you to make recording and mix decisions with confidence, knowing that your mixes will “translate” to the world outside your studio.

Mixes that translate

Engineers at Sweetwater know that there’s no substitute for midrange clarity in a monitor. This is the heart of your mix, and it remains relevant regardless of playback system. That’s why, on inferior monitors, you can spend hours struggling to achieve a perfect balance and end up with nothing but frustration, listening fatigue, and a mix that doesn’t translate. The Neumann KH 150 takes the guesswork out of music production, making the process so much easier — and infinitely more artistic. The KH 150’s exceptionally linear phase response results in astonishingly clear and transparent midrange and maximum accuracy in the time domain, which can be heard in the monitor’s fine resolution of low-volume reverb tails. This is thanks to Neumann’s DSP-controlled electronics, which make possible sophisticated crossovers that circumvent the phase distortion generated by analog filters. The internal DSP also raises the bar for tonal consistency, as the KH 150 is spec’d to extremely low tolerances of less than ±0.8dB. Neumann’s punctilious engineering manifests itself in a stereo soundstage that is razor-sharp. Bottom line: you’ll find it’s easier to place vocals, bass, and solo instruments in a mix, allowing you to achieve an ideal balance that sounds great under any and all playback conditions.


The interface between your monitors and room is critical, and becomes more so the louder you crank the volume. Even the finest studio monitors can only be as accurate as your room acoustics will allow. In the physical realm, Neumann’s MMD waveguide generates an expansive sweet spot while negating reflective bounce back from your console or desk. But high-tech “smart monitors” such as the KH 150 with integrated calibration facilities can do much more to mitigate, or even eliminate, room problems (particularly when combined with judiciously applied acoustical treatments). The KH 150’s internal DSP is tightly integrated with Neumann’s optional MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment system to optimally adapt your monitors to your room’s acoustics and precisely calibrate them for your preferred listening position.

From rock to Bach — and beyond

With its powerful amplification, advanced protection limiters, robust low-frequency performance, and high SPL capabilities, the KH 150 is a perfect studio monitor for EDM, rock, metal, and urban genres; as well as film scoring and all applications that involve extended low-end and/or high-volume monitoring levels. The soundstage remains coherent even at high SPLs. But the KH 150 is equally adept at revealing the subtleties of a nuanced classical piece or acoustic jazz performance. Its universal versatility also makes it a perfect monitor for broadcast booths as well as ADR and voice-over work. The KH 150 is a crowning technical achievement in transducer innovation, but then, that’s what Neumann has been doing since 1928. Make the leap to truly world-class monitoring with the Neumann KH 150.

Neumann KH 150 Active Studio Monitor (each) Features:

  • Deep, tight low end; smooth, extended highs
  • Razor-sharp stereo soundstaging
  • Linear frequency response 39Hz–21kHz (±3dB)
  • Efficient Class D bi-amplification: 145W (LF), 100W (HF); consumes only 17W at idle
  • High-precision custom drivers
  • Mathematically Modeled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide
  • DSP engine for optimized performance and room adaptive calibration via optional MA 1
  • Linear phase response, 105Hz–16kHz (±45°), with latency <2.6ms
  • Advanced crossover and protection limiters
  • Engineered to extremely tight (±0.8dB) tolerances
  • Robust maximum SPL rating of 118dB at 1 meter
  • Meticulously engineered 20-liter bass reflex cabinet
  • Analog and S/PDIF connectivity (optional: AES67)
  • May be combined with other KH series speakers in immersive/surround configurations

Product Category Monitors
Brand Neumann
Features 6.5 inch,245 watt