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The AKG C 414 XL II multi-pattern condenser microphone offers nine pickup patterns to ensure the perfect setting for every application. For live-sound applications and permanent installations all controls can be disabled easily for trouble-free use. A Peak Hold LED displays even shortest overload peaks.

The C 414 XL II is the successor of the famous C 414 B-TL II. It shows the unique sonic signature of the highly sought-after AKG C 12, which enables lead vocals and solo instruments to be placed even in a dense mix. The unrivalled up-front sound is also well known for distant miking applications like classical music recording or drum ambience miking.

The C 414 XL II comes complete with carrying case, pop filter, windscreen, and spider-type shock mount.

AKG C 414 XL II Features:
• Nine selectable pickup patterns (omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure eight and 4 intermediate settings)
• Lock Mode: all controls can be disabled easily for trouble-free use
• Peak Hold LED even detects shortest overload peaks
• Incredible Dynamic Range of 152 dB
• Three switchable different bass cut filters and three pre-attenuation levels
• Leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art components ensure shortest signal path and extra protection against moisture
• Designed, engineered and built in Vienna, Austria

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