Did You Miss The Great Digital Interface/Pre Amp shootout of 2020?
To Celebrate The End Of 2020 And A Fabulous Start To 2021, Here’s the reprise of An Ear Opening Very Special Voice Over Body Shop TECK-TALK from this past May.
If you missed this very popular episode, Here’s your chance to see Dan and George show you why they are THE experts when it comes to home vo studios.
You can catch it all week, anytime on Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/voiceoverbod… our homepage, VOBS.TV, and our podcast for those of you who love to listen on the go!
A Very Happy, Healthy And Prosperous 2021 To all our amazing clients and fans. We really do it for you, the dedicated, hardworking, aspiring and successful members of the Voice Over Community!

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