Voice Over Body Shop TECH-TALK #24 takes the mystery out of the inputs and outputs, formatting and settings in your VO audio.

Its a new year! (But we figure you know that by now) and Dan and George look back at the big VO Tech stories from 2019, and then look ahead to this year. Stuff like: Internet security issues Audio interface of the year for value/quality/features: Steinberg UR12 Biggest surprise gear: CEntrance MicPort Pro 2 Brusfri noise reduction: And now..Twisted Wave has Punch In! So, what’s coming in 2020: 5G mobile data! And guest Rick Wasserman demonstrates the “Tri-Booth.” Plus, we answer lots of your great home studio questions sent in to theguys@VOBS.TV.

Start your VO practice the right way in 2020!


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