United Studio Technologies UT Twin87 Large-diaphragm Twin Circuit Condenser Microphone

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The UT Twin87 Condenser Microphone from United Studio Technologies delivers warm balanced audio that’s akin to studio magic. Modeled after one of the most sought-after studio microphones ever made, this fresh take on the 87 captures modern and vintage voicings in a single package with its dual-circuit design controlled by a simple modern/vintage switch. Hardly an afterthought, this switch reconfigures the mic’s entire circuit according to vintage or modern specs. The result is a wider variety of options, eschewing the need to buy multiple mics. Sweetwater studio wizards prize the UT Twin87 for its versatile workhorse build and robust feature set: dual circuitry, an optional RF filter, a -10dB pad, 3 polar patterns, a true-cardioid mod, and a custom suspension mount are all in the box.

Expansive dual-circuit design

Vintage 87 or modern 87? Debates over which sounds better never tire. But with a UT Twin87, there’s no need to pick between the two. This mic’s signature feature is a twin-circuit design that lets you switch between vintage and modern voicings, without spending thousands of dollars on multiple microphones. Choose the vintage circuit for slightly more mellow highs with dense sound pressure tolerance; select the modern circuit for hotter gain with sharper high-end fidelity.

Multiple polar patterns onboard

Since it has several polar patterns onboard, the UT Twin87 can find its place in extremely diverse recording environments. Testing and dialing in microphone tones on the fly come easy via a simple front-facing switch with cardioid, figure 8, and omnidirectional pattern options. Plus, this mic comes stock with a true-cardioid mod, a sought-after aftermarket adjustment that you’ll get with no hassle or risk to your mic’s electronics. With so many options onboard, the Twin87 is perfect for voiceovers, vocals, acoustic instruments, and so much more.

Crafted with care

Good sound necessitates good hardware, and you’ll find no shortage of it here. The Twin87 features 24k gold-sputtered dual diaphragms and backplates for each of its twin circuits — a dedicated design that enhances the fidelity of the vintage/modern circuit switch. The Twin87’s transformer is beefy and American-made, with approximately four times the iron mass of similar 87-style microphones. This ensures clean signal isolation, enhanced frequency response, and a high noise ceiling. Plus, the Twin87’s looks mirror its exceptional internal design. The body sports an electroplated nickel and milled brass construction, with a retro-style United logo for a classic look that will bring a touch of warmth to any studio.

United Studio Technologies UT Twin87 Large-diaphragm Twin Circuit Condenser Microphone Features:

  • K87-style capsule with low-noise and high headroom
  • Clean, open audio with exceptional fidelity
  • An ideal workhorse condenser mic for vocals, voiceover work, and other pro studio applications
  • Sturdy outer shell made of electroplated nickel and milled brass
  • Modern/vintage switch reconfigures entire circuit to vintage-accurate specs with the flip of a switch
  • 3 built-in polar patterns: cardioid, figure 8, and omnidirectional
  • Optional RF-filter switch captures both versions of the original in a single mic
  • Wide-ranging frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz
  • -10dB pad and 80hZ highpass filter
  • SPL: 117dB (no pad), 127dB (with pad)
  • Beefy American-made transformer with 4 times the iron mass of similar 87-type models
  • Custom 24k gold-sputtered dual diaphragms and backplates
  • Onboard true-cardioid mod, a popular aftermarket feature that’s built right in
  • Includes a custom suspension shock mount