Tube-Tech MP2A 2-channel Tube Microphone Preamp

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Vintage tube warmth. State-of-the-art performance. You get them both with the Tube-Tech MP2A. With its staggering 5Hz–60kHz frequency response and vanishingly low noise floor, this incredible 2-channel, all-tube mic preamp/DI will add another dimension to your studio sound. Vocals that shimmer with glorious air. Enormous walls of guitars. Drums with face-splitting impact. Bass that blows holes in walls. Uber-lush strings. Horns so real you can reach out and touch them. And with 70dB of gain on tap, you can finally use your favorite ribbon mic on quieter sources. Here at Sweetwater, we like the Tube-Tech MP2A. A lot. You will, too.

Designed for the professional: you

The Tube-Tech MP2A is packed with the features and flexibility that you — the professional recording engineer — need. It rocks two channels, each with switchable +48-volt phantom power, selectable mic impedance (600/1200/2400 ohms), a polarity-reverse switch, a low-cut filter (20Hz/40Hz/Off), and a switchable 20dB pad. The gain is adjustable from +10dB to +70dB via two controls: Coarse (10dB steps), and Fine (2dB steps). The MP2A also features an unbalanced DI input with a 60dB gain range; just plug in a bass or synth and you’re ready for seriously hi-fidelity direct injection with spectacular tube warmth, punch, and fullness.

Awesome sound; weapons-grade build quality

Since 1985, Tube-Tech has been handcrafting a high-end tube kit that’s found a home in top studios worldwide. Of course, it sounds amazing. But it’s also the no-compromise build quality that sets this gear apart. Hard-wired and bulletproof, Tube-Tech equipment uses only the finest componentry and sports build quality that’s second to none. It’s the small design touches that add up to pro-audio greatness, such as the MP2A’s input transformer being enclosed in a MU-metal can, input and output transformers that have a static screen between the primary and secondary wirings, and fully floating inputs and outputs. If you want to upgrade your studio, the Tube-Tech MP2A is a great place to start.

Tube-Tech MP2A Tube Preamp/DI Features at a Glance:

  • All-tube-based 2-channel mic preamp/DI with push-pull output amplifier
  • Frequency response (-3dB): 5Hz–60kHz
  • Stepped gain control: +10dB to +70dB in 2dB increments
  • Impedance-selectable microphone input
  • Selectable -20dB pad; pre input transformer
  • Selectable +48-volt phantom power
  • Overload indicator
  • Polarity-reverse switch
  • Gold-plated switches
  • Direct Injection input for various instruments
  • DI input impedance > 1 Mohm
  • MU-metal-shielded input transformer
  • Transformer-balanced, fully floating inputs and outputs