Stedman Corporation Proscreen 101 - 4.6" with Gooseneck

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Pop Filter
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Stedman’s Proscreen 101 is a durable, metal pop filter that comes with a gooseneck. The plosive travels directly through it to the microphone with no loss of tone from your recording. The secret is the louvered metal pop filter screen that deflects wind downwards while letting sound go directly through (see the Proscreen 101 up close). Stedman pop filters do a fantastic job at ensuring your vocal performance is perfectly captured, and that no sound plosives ruin your vocal performance. Complete your recording setup with the Stedman Proscreen 101!

A pop filter is used with microphones to shield the diaphragm from sudden bursts of sound which can cause a popping effect. The shield is “transparent” to sound passage and does not interfere with the movement of sound towards the microphone. Pop filters are commonly seen in recording studios situated between 1 inches and 8 inches in front of a microphone.

The Proscreen 101 will last for many years — it can be cleaned with soap and water, and it looks good, too!

Stedman Corporation Proscreen 101 4.6-inch with Gooseneck Features

  • Durable, metal pop filter; comes with a gooseneck