Shure SRH440A Closed-back Studio Headphones

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Need a multi-purpose headphone solution that isn’t going to break the bank? The Shure SRH440A Closed-back Studio Headphones are just what you’re looking for! These headphones are suited for just about any production application you can think of — they perform just as well during live podcasts and studio recording as they do in editing, mixing, and mastering sessions. Sound transparency is a major point of emphasis among Sweetwater sound engineers who trust in Shure headphones. The natural, low-distortion playback quality of its 40mm dynamic neodymium drivers is both well balanced and incredibly detailed across the entire sound stage, delivering high-quality sound reproduction that you can count on. Its secure, lightweight headband makes your sessions comfortable, especially paired with the cushioned design of its closed-back earcups, which also work to reduce background noise for the most accurate listening experience possible. And for practicality’s sake, the SRH440A offers a sleek design that’s just as durable as it is stylish, allowing for worry-free usage time and time again!

Shure SRH440A Closed-back Studio Headphones Features:

  • Great choice for podcasts, studio recording, editing, mixing, and mastering sessions
  • Fantastic sound transparency that’s balanced and detailed for accurate sound reproduction
  • Low-distortion playback from 40mm dynamic neodymium drivers
  • Lightweight headband and cushioned earcups offer a comfortable feel
  • Closed-back cup design reduces background noise for a purer audio experience
  • Design is both stylish and very durable
  • Detachable straight cable and a threaded 1/4″ gold-plated adapter are included