Sennheiser M4AEBT Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones - Black

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Sennheiser’s Momentum series of headphones is a popular choice among Sweetwater audiophiles, and for good reason. These high-performance transducer packed ‘phones combine Sennheiser-quality sound with a multitude of useful functions and personal preference possibilities. A built-in EQ system, auto start and stop utilities, and easy-to-use transparency functions give you complete accessibility without requiring much hands-on operation. Once you connect to these Bluetooth headphones with any compatible device, you’ll be free to enjoy noise-canceled sound that does all the work for you — literally.

Signature Sennheiser output

Keeping immaculate audio quality contained within a conveniently sized package is in the Sennheiser name; the Momentum 4 is no exception to this rule. Loaded with 42mm transducers, you’ll get professional Sennheiser sound out of these ‘phones that rivals other high-performance products. Designed and built by actual audiophiles, it’s safe to say your listening experience is in good hands — just sit back and enjoy crystal-clear playback as long as you need it.

Ambient noise to complete silence in seconds

Momentum 4 headphones come with built-in Adaptive Noise Cancellation for distraction-free playback. When paired with a Transparency mode however, these ‘phones boast a convenient way to listen to your surrounding sounds when you need them, and 100% output sound when you don’t. Simply activate your transparency and you’ll hear the ambient noise around you — all without having to take your headphones off. If you like listening to music, but you’re required to communicate with colleagues on a semi-consistent basis, these are the perfect work headphones for you.

Headphones that work for you — automatically

No matter what you’re doing — efficiency is important. Thankfully, Momentum 4 headphones don’t require you to push several buttons when you’re busy doing your work. With an automatic on/off function, your headphones will power off after 15 minutes of non-use and turn back on the moment you pick them up. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about pausing your music with Smart Pause. This handy feature automatically halts your playback when you take your headphones off, and resumes your music, podcast, or movie when you put them back on.

Sennheiser M4AEBT Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones Features:

  • Closed-back Bluetooth headphones
  • High-performance Sennheiser sound courtesy of 42mm transducer system
  • Built-in EQ allows on-the-go sound customization via Sennheiser Smart Control app
  • Adaptive noise cancellation and transparency modes gives you distraction-free sound with the option of amplifying your surroundings if needed
  • AAC, SBC, and aptX Adaptive codec support outputs the highest quality possible for all audio files
  • Lightweight, cushioned headband and earpads provide supreme comfort for studio and long-term use
  • Collapsible design and included carrying case provide a convenient travel option
  • Auto on/off feature keeps batteries charged when not in use
  • Smart pause stops playback when your headphones are off, and resumes when you put them back on; all without touching a button