sE Electronics sE4400 Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Shockmount

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Looking to upgrade your mic locker with a rock-solid all-rounder? The sE Electronics sE4400 2nd Gen multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser mic is inspired by one of the most versatile European microphones in history, boasting a handcrafted, gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm true condenser capsule to capture every nuance of your source! Four polar patterns provide the sE4400 with an incredible level of range, making it an ideal choice for just about every source an audio engineer is likely to run into. Plus, a myriad of low-cut filter and attenuation pads enhance the sE4400’s flexibility even further, allowing you to tackle massive amplifiers and bass-heavy sources with ease. Lastly, sE Electronics include a highly stable shockmount custom made for the sE4400, cradling the mic and keeping your setup steady.

Four selectable polar patterns

Loaded with four selectable polar patterns, the sE4400 is more like four mics built into one! No matter what source you’re recording, these polar patterns are up to the task, making the sE4400 an excellent all-around choice for musicians looking to stay within a budget. Recording drums? Flip on the omni switch. Intimate vocals or gentle acoustic guitar? The cardioid and hypercardioid patterns focus in on your source, rejecting all unwanted background noise. The figure-8 switch captures both sides of the mic — a setting that Sweetwater’s studio engineers love for capturing multiple sources, room ambience, or pairing with another mic for stereo recording configurations.

Included shockmount and metal case

Every great mic needs an equally great shockmount — luckily, you get both with sE4400! This mic’s included shockmount cradles your mic on its stand, preventing unwanted noise, vibration, and handling noises while recording. It also keeps your microphone safe and sound when rigged up, and while no one wants an accident to happen, the sE4400’s robust die-cast design is about as durable as a condenser mic can get. When it comes time to pack up the sE4400 after a session, an included metal case keeps the sE4400 in tip-top shape during transport and storage.

sE Electronics sE4400 2nd Gen Multi-pattern Large Diaphragm Vintage Microphone Features:

  • Inspired by one of the most classic European mics in music history
  • 4 polar patterns — carioid, omni, hypercardioid, figure-8 — allow you to optimize your sound for any source
  • Switchable attenuation pads to easily capture loud sources
  • Low-cut filters to tame bass-heavy sources
  • Handcrafted and gold-sputtered 1-inch dual-diaphragm design for the utmost clarity in sound
  • True condenser design is built to last
  • Highly durable die-cast metal housing
  • Includes a rock-solid shockmount to keep your mic stable
  • Metal case to keep your mic safe during storage and transport