PreSonus R80 V2 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor

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8 inch, 140 watt
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When it comes time to outfit your studio with hard-working monitors, consider a pair of PreSonus R80 V2 8-inch Powered Studio Monitors for stellar sound and malleability in one package. R80 V2 active monitors feature custom 6.8-inch Air Motion Transformer tweeters that deliver superb transient response and ultra-low distortion. A custom-designed 8-inch woven LF driver provides significantly more dynamic output than standard models, due in part to the cone’s ability to maintain a more constant dispersion pattern across its frequency response range. PreSonus made sure to outfit the R80 V2 with all the tools you need to fine-tune its sound to perfection, with convenient controls around the back for boosting and cutting EQ frequencies and dB levels. Throw in a 140-watt Class A/B amplifier for providing plenty of power, and the R80 V2 pumps out waves of the exceptional sound you crave with the flexibility to work in any studio.

Custom-made components deliver a studio-worthy sound

Much like its predecessor, the R80 V2 boasts high-quality components throughout for an uncompromising performance fit for the studio. Its custom 6.8-inch AMT tweeter uses an ultra-thin, folded Kapton membrane with an inlaid aluminum circuit that functions as the voice coil, allowing the tweeter to move concurrently with the electric current and resulting in improved clarity with superior transient reproduction. An AMT tweeter of this size allows for a much wider stereo soundstage than what is seen in comparable powered speakers, with wide lateral dispersion and narrow vertical dispersion to reduce ceiling and surface reflections. With its impressive attention to detail and flexibility for any workspace, it comes as no surprise that Sweetwater producers of all kinds have started adding R80 V2s to their setups.

Acoustic Tuning control panel provides surgical sound-shaping tools

Turn your attention to the R80 V2’s backside control panel, and you’ll quickly come to understand the incredible sound-shaping power this speaker possesses! Handy controls for Mid and High Frequency settings allow for up to 6dB of boost and cut with the turn of a knob, with an easy-to-use Gain control for dialing in perfect levels. Low Cutoff and Acoustic Space controls only sweeten the pot, with options for Flat, 80Hz, and 100Hz cutoff as well as -4dB, -2dB, and 0dB cut settings to better tailor the R80 V2’s sound to your workspace. Sound-shaping tools like these ensure the R80 V2 is ready for peak performance whenever and wherever you are.

PreSonus R80 V2 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor Features:

  • 2-way active AMT design provides articulate HF response and wide stereo imaging
  • Custom-designed 6.8-inch AMT tweeter responds to the subtlest waveforms
  • Crystal-clear transparency for mid and low frequencies courtesy of an 8-inch LF driver
  • Acoustic Tuning panel with Gain, Mid Frequency, High Frequency, Low Cutoff, and Acoustic Space controls
  • Bi-amped 140-watt Class A/B power amplifier with switching power supply
  • Includes Studio Magic suite of music production software