On-Stage WSR7500B Rack Cabinet - Black

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Studio Furniture
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Equipment Racks
Wood, 12U
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Use the On-Stage Stands WSR7500B as a standalone 12-space rack cabinet, or attach it to a WS7500 workstation for extra desk and rack space. The On-Stage Stands WSR7500B rack cabinet is a great way to protect and display your gear.



On-Stage Stands WSR7500B Rack Cabinet at a Glance:

  • What kind of rack cabinet do I need?
  • Quality gear from On-Stage Stands

What kind of rack cabinet do I need?

We get asked that question a lot here at Sweetwater. We usually fire a question right back: what are you using it for? If you’re racking processors you use on every session, like preamps, EQs, and compressors, a rack with easy access is vital. The On-Stage Stands WSR7500B is great for this purpose. When you place it next to your main workstation, your gear is reachable from the mix position, and you gain additional desktop and rack space.

Quality gear from On-Stage Stands

The On-Stage Stands WSR7500B rack cabinet is another great product from On-Stage Stands, which provides high-quality equipment solutions for recording, touring, and performing musicians all over the world. Whether you need to outfit your studio with various kinds of microphone stands – from booms to desktop to round base – or you need to set up all your keyboards, guitars, studio monitors, and more, On-Stage Stands has a diverse selection of durable stands to meet your needs. PA stands, rack stands, amp stands, music stands, and even stand cases are just a few more of their offerings. For all your music equipment stand accessory needs, look to On-Stage Stands.

On-Stage Stands WSR7500B Rack Cabinet Features:

  • 12U rack cabinet that pairs with WS7500 workstations and WSC7500 corner accessories
  • 4 removable casters (2 locking) for effortless movement
  • Sturdy steel frame with laminate surfaces

Place your gear right at your fingertips with the On-Stage Stands WSR7500B rack cabinet.