JamRacks STSE - Star Stand - Ebony (Pair)

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Studio Furniture
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Monitor Stands
41.75 inch, Bamboo, Ebony
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Tired of seeing the same old speaker stand designs? Sweetwater has an excellent suggestion. The JamRacks Star Speaker Stands are ideal monitor stands for your commercial or home studio. They also look fantastic in your living room for your home hi-fi or theater system. Star Stands are made of 100% eco-friendly bamboo — gorgeous and super durable. Star Stands are super strong, too, easily holding up to 60 pounds. Their triangle base is 21-7/8″ on each side. The top plate is 10″ in diameter with 1-1/2″ x 3/4″ rubber Isolators. They’re height-adjustable from 33-3/4″ to 41-3/4″ and the feet are adjustable for tilt. They come with cool ball-end feet for minimal floor contact without damaging your hardwood or stone flooring. If you just can’t get excited about another utilitarian speaker stand, check out the one that has us excited here at Sweetwater: JamRacks Star Stand.

Safely supports speakers up to 60 pounds

You can trust JamRacks Star Stands to hold your precious monitor speakers safely and securely. Each of these beautiful bamboo monitor stands safely holds up to 60 pounds. The 100% solid bamboo construction yields a platform that is both flex- and slouch-free to provide a trustworthy listening environment. You get 8″ of vertical adjustment (33-3/4″ to 41-3/4″ total height) to fire your monitors at your monitoring setup’s sweet spot, as well tilt via the adjustable feet.

Isolation for tonal transparency

When it comes to monitoring audio, transparency is king. The Star Stand’s top plate rubber Isolators keep your monitors and hi-fi speakers free from unwanted resonance, reflections, and bass buildup. For hard floors, JamRacks’ ball-end feet create minimal floor contact without damaging your expensive hardwood or stone flooring. It all adds up to dependable presentation of any audio you pipe into your monitors or surrounds.

JamRacks Star Stand (Pair) Features:

  • Gorgeous, strong, and eco-friendly 100% bamboo construction
  • Safely supports speakers up to 60 pounds
  • Top plate rubber Isolators keep your speakers free from unwanted resonance
  • Height adjustable from 33-3/4″ to 41-3/4″
  • Stable triangle base, 21-7/8″ on each side
  • Includes ball-end feet
  • Feet adjustable for front/back and side/side tilt
  • Manufactured in the USA