IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Powered Studio Monitor (Pair) - Black

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IK Multimedia
3 inch, 70 watt
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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Powered Studio Monitor – Black

Sells separately for $399.99 each

IK Multimedia’s iLoud MTM powered studio monitors deliver impressively detailed sound for their compact size — and with built-in ARC room calibration technology, they’ll compensate for acoustic deficiencies in your room for the most accurate monitoring experience possible. Thanks to the included tiltable stand, iLoud MTM monitors are perfect for desktop use in space-challenged studio spaces. And with phase coherency within +/- 15° from 200Hz to 20kHz, you get a natural sound that translates to better mixes. Whether you’re producing music, voice-overs, podcasts, or anything else, you can trust your mixes created with IK Multimedia iLoud MTM powered studio monitors.