Grace Design m108 8-channel Microphone Preamp

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Combining all the functionality modern sound engineers and musicians require, the Grace Design m108 provides eight channels of pristine microphone preamplification, front-panel hi-Z inputs, cutting-edge A/D conversion, low-latency monitoring, a reference-grade headphone amp, flexible digital outputs, adaptable local or remote control, and more. For the m108, Grace Design took the best features of their successful m802 and packed it all into a sleek 1U interface. At Sweetwater, we were taken with the ease of use and outstanding audio quality of the Grace Design m108, and that’s attributable to several cutting-edge Grace technologies.

  • Cutting-edge technologies onboard
  • Effortless, intuitive operation
  • Configurable for your present and future needs

Cutting-edge technologies onboard

The m108’s transformerless “transimpedance” microphone preamp effortlessly resolves complex audio waveforms for recordings with impressive depth and clarity. The onboard A/D conversion is remarkably analog sounding, while its next-gen s-Lock PLL serves up clean, jitter-free sample clock whether you’re clocking from Dante clock or external WC. And you’ll enjoy outstanding jitter performance when the m108 is connected to your computer.Effortless, intuitive operation

Grace built the m108 for effortless and intuitive operation, with a clean front panel that employs a rotary push-push encoder for navigation. Core functionality (phantom power, polarity reverse, channel grouping, and meter peak clear) is handled by dedicated push buttons. An easy-to-read OLED display keeps you informed of metering, peak status, and channel gain; plus it provides the system setup menu. Whether you’re in the studio or recording remotely, you’ll appreciate the m108’s fluid ease of use.Configurable for your present and future needs

From the get-go, the m108 is a flexible standalone microphone preamp/converter with eight output channels of 192kHz ADC via AES, USB, and ADAT. Avail yourself of its integrated serial or MIDI control, and you can configure it for big-channel-count remote systems, remote controlled from the optional Grace m802 remote control unit, from Pro Tools, or from Grace’s m108 control computer app. Further, an optional DANTE interface is available for network audio configurations. You can even add m108 to an existing m802 system, as the m108 control protocol is backward-compatible.Grace Design m108 Features:

  • 8 channels of pristine microphone preamplification
  • Broad gain range of 8 to 74dB, ribbon mic mode
  • 8 output channels of 192kHz ADC via AES, USB, and ADAT
  • Class 2/external word clock in and out
  • Reference-grade DAC and headphone amp
  • Low-latency monitoring for channel pairs or USB DAW playback
  • Front-panel hi-Z inputs for channel 1 and 2
  • Clear, high-contrast OLED display with wide viewing angle
  • Combo RS 485/422 serial/MIDI ports
  • Network control via RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Expansion slots for optional Audinate and DANTE cards
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Onboard universal 100-240VAC power supply
  • Designed and built in Grace Design’s Lyons, Colorado, factory
  • 5-year transferable warranty

Upgrade your studio with the Grace Design m108!