Genelec 1032C SAM 10-inch Powered Studio Monitor

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9.8 inch, 400 watt
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The Genelec 1032C combines high-SPL nearfield monitoring with cutting-edge SAM technology, which optimizes level, timing, and equalization of room response anomalies. This powered studio monitor offers numerous advantages over its predecessors, with convenient digital connectivity, a universal power supply, and robust Class D amplification. The engineers here at Sweetwater appreciate the 1032C’s tight integration with Genelec’s GLM software, which makes room calibration a snap. Whether your projects involve high-end music production, post production, or broadcast, the Genelec 1032C will ensure great-sounding mixes that translate flawlessly to other rooms and systems.

Smart Active Monitor technology

These days, it’s not unusual for an engineer to work in a small, less-than-perfect acoustical environment. Genelec’s Smart Active Monitor (SAM) technology takes this into account by allowing the 1032C to automatically calibrate its level, timing, and equalization to your room, ensuring that you hear the original nuances of your source accurately, without color or distortion. By using the intuitive Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software, you can control an entire network of SAM speakers, giving you a flexible computer-controlled system of monitors and subwoofers.

Directivity Control Waveguide

The 1032C features Genelec’s state-of-the-art Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW), which provides extremely accurate control of the 1032C’s directivity. Genelec designed this smooth, custom-shaped surface and integrated it with the 1032C’s enclosure. Its area has been maximized to achieve an astoundingly flat frequency response — both on and off axis. The 1032C has a wide and consistent listening window, with minimal early room reflections and other unwanted colorations associated with conventional designs.

Genelec 1032C Features:

  • Bi-amplified Class D design provides high-SPL nearfield monitoring
  • Smart Active Monitor (SAM) provides remarkably accurate sound
  • Low-distortion 9-27/32-inch woofer and 31/32-inch tweeter deliver fantastic clarity
  • Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) enhances dimensional imaging
  • Boasts the much-loved soffit-mountable styling of Genelec’s iconic 1000 series
  • Convenient digital connectivity
  • Universal power supply ensures worldwide compatibility