Focal Trio6 Be 8 inch Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

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8 inch, 450 watt
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Focal Trio6 Be 8 inch Powered Studio Monitor

Sells separately for $2,999.00 each

The Focal Trio6 Be has created quite a stir here at Sweetwater. Here’s why: Aside from the fact that it’s a Focal product (a de facto guarantee of reference-grade performance), the Focal Trio6 Be offers a number of benefits that may not be apparent at first glance. A 3-way design with a 1″ tweeter, a 5″ woofer, and an 8″ subwoofer, the Trio6 Be delivers stunningly accurate reproduction of the audio spectrum from 35Hz to 40kHz (+/- 3dB), resolving even the most minute details. Its circular midrange-tweeter housing may be rotated for either horizontal or vertical orientation. But here’s where it gets really interesting: in Focus mode (which you can trigger remotely), the Trio6 Be operates as a two-way speaker, employing only the 5″ driver and the tweeter and limiting frequencies to between 90Hz and 20kHz – ideal for checking the quality of your mix on playback systems with limited frequency response.