Focal Celestee Closed-back Luxury Mobile Headphones

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Tailor-made for on-the-go listening, Focal’s Celestee headphones ensure that you’ll hear top-shelf sound everywhere. M-shaped aluminum/magnesium-dome drivers deliver a clean, uniform listening experience with an impressive 5Hz–23kHz frequency response. In addition, an ultra-low impedance of 35 ohms makes driving these headphones effortless — a little power will go a long way. The Celestee is also comfortable enough for all-day musical enjoyment, thanks to a face-conforming yoke and semi-aniline leather earcups. Complete with soft copper details for a sophisticated look, Celestee headphones ensure that the music never stops, no matter where you go.

40mm M-profile dome drivers and uncompromising low-impedance design

To a company like Focal — creators of world-class studio monitors and audiophile playback systems — drivers are core curriculum. Focal Celestee headphones are equipped with 40mm, M-shaped aluminum/magnesium-dome drivers. The result is an impressive 5Hz–23kHz frequency response that yields incredible bass extension and unrivaled tonal balance. Beyond that, the Celestee’s low-impedance design ensures uncompromising performance with mobile phones and portable audio players.

Designed for hours of comfortable listening

As all good luxury mobile headphones should be, the Celestee is rated for hours of comfort. Sweetwater reviewers can attest to this. The lightweight frame and drivers — paired with a face-conforming yoke, a leather and microfiber headband, and semi-aniline leather earcups — are comfortable to the point of being invisible.

Focal Celestee Headphones Features:

  • 5Hz–23kHz frequency response
  • Yields incredible bass extension and unrivaled tonal balance
  • 40mm, M-shaped aluminum/magnesium-dome drivers deliver a clean, uniform listening experience
  • Ultra-low impedance of 35 ohms ensures uncompromising use with mobile phones and portable music players
  • Face-conforming yoke and semi-aniline leather earcups provide incredible comfort
  • Closed-back, over-ear design supplies excellent sonic isolation
  • Includes 4-foot OFC 24 AWG cable with 1/8-inch TRS connector, 1/8-inch–1/4-inch jack adapter, and carrying case
  • Designed and manufactured in France