Focal Alpha 50 Evo 5 inch Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

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5 inch, 50 watt
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Focal Alpha 50 Evo 5 inch Powered Studio Monitor

Sells separately for $299.00 each

Sweetwater is excited to present to you the next generation of Focal’s Alpha series monitors. The Alpha 50 Evo design leverages cutting-edge materials and engineering to advance the state of the art in studio monitoring. This compact active 2-way monitor employs a 1-inch aluminum tweeter and a 5-inch woofer with a Slatefiber cone developed and handcrafted in Focal’s Saint-Étienne, France, facility. Powered by 50 watts of optimized Class D bi-amplification and engineered to deliver flat tonal balance and outstanding dynamic range, the Alpha 50 Evo is designed from the ground up for improved performance over previous-generation Alpha monitors. The Focal Alpha 50 Evo is a versatile, robust speaker system that will complement your modern production environment and provide the honest, accurate monitoring you need to produce world-class results.