Daking Mic Pre II 2-channel Microphone Preamp

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The Daking Mic Pre II 2-channel microphone preamp lets you add boutique quality and great sound to your recording setup at a very impressive price. The Class A Mic Pre II features the same discrete transistor circuitry featured in Daking’s Mic Pre IV, adding a variable highpass filter for fantastic tonal options. You get per-channel polarity reverse, 20dB pads, phantom power, and selectable 1/4″ line/hi-Z input on the front panel. Two aluminum knobs give you control over the variable highpass filter and gain. With its rugged 1RU stainless steel chassis and high-quality parts, the Mic Pre II is built to perform for the long haul.

Simple layout, complete control

Per-channel, the Mic Pre II is fitted with two large knurled aluminum knobs control the variable highpass filter (10-200Hz) and continuously variable input gain, which is complemented by a full-width, twenty-segment bi-color LED meter. The rear of the unit offers a Jensen transformer-isolated mic input and fully-balanced XLR output, plus a 1/4-inch line output. A fourth connector introduces DC power from the external power supply to the unit.

The Daking story

Having broken into the music industry as the drummer for ’60s psychedelic band the Blues Magoos, Geoff Daking went on to truly make his mark designing and building boutique-quality studio gear. His company’s latest offerings not only look classic, sound great, and perform solidly — you’ll be knocked out by their decidedly non-boutique prices. Daking puts a premium on putting quality components at the heart of his gear, from circuits to transformers to amplifiers, while implementing modern techniques to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

Daking Mic Pre II 2-channel Class A Microphone Preamp Features:

  • Transformer balanced input, electronically balanced output
  • All discrete transistor Class A circuitry
  • Continuously variable gain controls
  • Continuously variable highpass filter controls, 10-200Hz @12dB/octave
  • Front panel instrument inputs
  • 20-segment VU meters
  • Switchable +48V phantom power
  • 20dB pads
  • All relay switching with gold bifurcated contacts
  • Stainless steel construction for noise immunity
  • Aluminum knobs
  • Power supply included