Auralex WaveCave Royale 1x4 foot Acoustic Panel 2-pack - Charcoal

Product Category
Acoustic Treatment
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Sound Absorption
Under 25 sq. ft., Foam, Charcoal
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Offering superior midrange absorption compared to traditional foam panels, Auralex WaveCave Royale acoustic panels will improve the acoustics in your room and look great while doing it. The secret to their performance is a 1-inch air gap that enhances absorption, ideal for eliminating flutter echoes and early reflections. The WaveCave Royale’s innovative design also offers big visual appeal, allowing you to improve your room’s acoustics while creating a unique look for your space. Whether you want better acoustics in your studio, rehearsal space, or home theater, Sweetwater is sure you’ll be impressed with Auralex WaveCave Royale acoustic panels.

Improve the acoustics in any room

Auralex WaveCave Royale acoustic panels combine tried-and-true acoustic foam with a unique air gap to maximize mid- and high-frequency absorption. This absorption is crucial for controlling flutter echoes and absorbing early reflections, resulting in an improvement in clarity and stereo imaging. Whether you need a sonically neutral mixing environment in your studio, a better-sounding rehearsal space, or a theater-like sonic experience in your living room, Auralex WaveCave Royale acoustic panels are a smart choice.

Auralex WaveCave Royale Acoustic Panels 2-pack Features:

  • 2 acoustic foam panels, 1 foot x 4 foot x 2 inches
  • Rear air gap enhances midrange-frequency absorption
  • Dramatically improves clarity and stereo imaging in any listening space