Auralex MAX-Wall 420 Modular Acoustical Environment 4-pack - Charcoal

Product Category
Acoustic Treatment
Product Subcategory
Sound Absorption
25 sq. ft. to 50 sq. ft., Foam, Charcoal
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No Tools, No Glue, No Fuss!

At Sweetwater, we understand that not everyone can dedicate a full room to being a full-time studio. Enter: MAX-Wall 420! With MAX-Wall 420 you can turn any room into an acoustically sound performance or mixing environment. And it’s all temporary. When you’re finished, just take down MAX-Wall and store it away until the next time. It takes you mere minutes. Even in ‘normal’ recording facilities, MAX-Wall 420 makes an excellent isolation booth for drums, vocals, or other instruments. Heck, you can even use MAX-Wall 420 for your home entertainment system! Best of all, it’s very affordable. Order now and discover the quick and affordable means to acoustic treatment.



MAX-Wall 420 offers exceptional mix position control while being portable and convenient to set-up. Placing the MAX-Wall 420 behind a mix position as shown will offer sufficient control and accuracy to get tracks recorded on location


  • Color: Charcoal
  • (4) 20″ x 48″ Panels
  • (2) stands