Auralex LENRD 1x1x2 foot Studiofoam Bass Trap - Burgundy (4-pack)

Product Category
Acoustic Treatment
Product Subcategory
Sound Absorption
Under 25 sq. ft., Foam, Burgundy
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Tame Bass Frequencies in Your Studio!

The LENRD in these Auralex Acoustic panels stands for Low-end Node Reduction Device – and they’re meant to spearhead room nodes, or resonance bumps in particular room frequencies. Using LENRD panels, you can experience much more accurate low frequency reproduction, with an ultra-simple installation. The Auralex LENRD panels fit comfortably in your room’s corners and attach to the wall easily. This is a 4-pack of Auralex acoustic LENRD panels. Plus, to best suit your live or control room’s decor, Auralex offers LENRD panels in charcoal, purple, and burgundy.




Auralex LENRD Bass Traps Half Pack Features:

  • 4 per box
  • 2′ long corner units
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Suggested Adhesive: Foamtak or Tubetak (not included)

Let Auralex LENRD panels spearhead your room’s low end issues!