Auralex DeskMAX 2x2 foot Stand-Mounted Portable Acoustic Treatment Panels 2-pack - Charcoal

Product Category
Acoustic Treatment
Product Subcategory
Sound Absorption
Under 25 sq. ft., Foam, Charcoal
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The Auralex DeskMAX is the Perfect Solution!

The Auralex DeskMAX is a portable, lightweight acoustic treatment that fits almost anywhere and includes desktop stands. If you need to tame unwanted reflections in your home or professional recording studio, then DeskMAX is the solution. The DeskMAX is also great for mobile recordings where reflective surfaces are always an issue. In just minutes, the DeskMAX can be packed away and set up to make an ideal recording environment. It’s excellent for placement behind nearfield monitors, voiceover work, or professional recordings. For improved audio accuracy, get an Auralex DeskMAX today.



Auralex DeskMAX Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels Features:

  • Portable nearfield acoustic treatment
  • Helps clarify and focus sound in any environment
  • Improves low-frequency monitoring accuracy
  • Color: charcoal grey
  • 2′ w x 2′ t x 3″ d
  • Includes 2 desktop stands

Tame your unwanted reflections with an Auralex DeskMAX!